Quid Pro Quo (2008)

Carlos Brooks wrote and directed this offbeat film that takes semi-paralyzed radio reporter, Isaac (Nick Stahl). We learn that Isaac is wheelchair bound after a car accident as a boy, but he works at staying strong and maintains hope that one day he will walk again. He is disheartened after the woman he loves has turned down his marriage proposal because she believes one person in a marriage should be able to walk.

The radio station receives a tip from a hospital employee that a man had recently tried to bribe a doctor to amputate his leg. Isaac is sent out to investigate the odd subculture of people obsessed with the need to remove limbs in order to feel whole.

Isaac reluctantly meets with Fiona (Vera Farmiga), who has learned of his investigation and offers to share her knowledge the identity disorder. The attractive woman's fascination with him is both troubling and flattering. As Isaac becomes more deeply involved with Fiona, he begins to suspect that they share some important history. As truths are revealed, both are transformed--something is given for something received (quid pro quo).

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