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Evening Primrose: Anothony Perkins sings in this odd musical about a poet finding love & refuge in a department store after hours.

Crimes of Passion: Kathleen Turner is a high-powered garment district professional by day and kiny hooker by night.

El Camino: Martin Sheen walks the ancient 500-mile pilgrimage in northern Spain after his son dies during his pilgrimage hike.

Shotgun Freeway: The history of Los Angeles and the creatives who thrive there, including clips of interviews frm David Hockney, Joan Didion.

Up In The Air: George Clooney is a "termination enginer" who treasures his life in the air--constantly traveling. He meets kindred spirit, Vera Fermiga, another professional business traveler. Their relationship explores a role reversal situation.

Poetry: This Korean language film explores one woman's struggles to raise her grandson and discovers relief when she takes a poetry class and begins to write.

The Music Never Stopped: This fantastic story about a father and son who begin to understand one another through music (especially the Gratefu Dead)...based on an Oliver Sacks story called "The Last Hippie."